Wall-Nut is a Supporting Protaganist and Peashooter's best friend


He has a brown round shape with a face.

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They are best friends since a LONG Time ago.Usually Peashooter tries to tell Sunflower Wall-Nut has a crush on her but gets Interrupted.


Wall-Nut has a huge crush on Sunflower but she never notices Because she's Slightly dumber.

Snow Pea

They are friends but sometimes Snow Pea teases him about his little secret. (Look at last Relationship)


When Aquainted by Starfriut,Wall-Nut always has a laugh.Starfriut thinks its fun watching him by Sunflower.

Potato Mine

Good Friends.They usually play "Speed Stik" on Multiplayer together.


Wall-Nut's Full Name is Confirmed in Mama Nut With his Middle Name being James and Last Name Being Shellowski

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