The Pilot of Awesome is the 1st episode in PVZ:AA

The Pilot of Awesome
Season 1 Episode 1
Season 1 Episode 1
Some attributes
First Kirbybot-3000
Second Sunflower Thinks She can Dance
Third N/A
Other attributes








Snow Pea

Potato Mine


Cherry Bomb


It first starts with peacful music in a school hall.But Zomboss Crashes through a huge wall.Peashooter and Sunflower run from him but get cornered.Zomboss jumps and the screen turns pitch black.It says 3 days earlier.It shows Peashooter and Wall-Nut entering the Middle School,Very excited.Wall-Nut tells Peashooter to find their lockers but gets interrupted by Sunflower opening her locker.And its love at first sight! Peashooter makes fun of Wall-Nut's new crush.He punches him.Sunflower then walks up to the boys,and introduces herself.Wall-Nut grows a huge smile,turns pink,says hi,and explodes.Peashooter tries to Hi-5 her but Sunflower reminds him he has no arms.Then 6 hours later..School is almost over.Everyone is using their locker.Peashooter,Sunflower,and Potato Mine Then see Cherry Bomb.The Cherries meet them.2 days later,Peashooter gets a message on his P Pod Touch.It is from EDGARR.He later asks everyone who is Edgarr.Then Dr.Zomboss breaks through in his Robot claiming he is EDGARR.He then chases Peashooter Sunflower and Wall-Nut.Wall-Nut gets Squished.This leads us to where we started.Zomboss jumps infront of the friends and gets closer.Sunflower gives Peashooter Plant Food destroying the robot.Wall-Nut gets off the foot.Zomboss Shoots all over the place and flies away but explodes.Then everyone Laughs.


Season 1

1.The Pilot of Awesome                    8.

2.Sunflower Thinks She Can Dance 9.

3.Bullies Stand Tall                          10.

4.Love is Gold and Maybe Silver     11.

5.So Spice                                        12.

6.Power Plant Problems                   13.

7.Nurse Curse!

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