Sunflower Thinks She Can Dance is the 2nd episode in Plants vs.Zombies:AA





The Episode Starts out with Peashooter And Potato Mine dancing.Peashooter then asks Sunflower why she isn't Dancing.She drags Peashooter to a shady quiet part of the School.Sunflower there Reveals her Secret....She cant dance!She tells him not to tell anybody.But Peashooter Runs out the hall and screams Her secret.Everyone freaks out except Wall-Nut saying It's not that bad Blushing.Two days lat er A.K.A Sunday Peashooter helps Sunflower learn to dance.So he brings her to Garlic who couldn't dance.Sunflower is relived she isn't the only Plant that cannot dance.Only to see that Garlic can only dance by wearing his Boots.Peashooter calls everyone to RANDOMLY DANCE FOR A WHATEVER REASON!That night...Peashooter and Snow Pea are sharing the same dream somehow.They wake up in The Wind Death Woods.They try to find a way out.But then a Red glowing Sunflower floats down and attacks them.She struggles sturdily Calling it a dance.Peashooter compliments,Making her turn Back to Normal.Therefore the 2 Waking up.Peashooter asks Snow Pea if he never wants to sleep again.He agrees.                                                                                                                 THE END!

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