Snow Pea isPeashooter's older brother and a Reccurring character in the Series 


Like Peashooter But blue and has 5 icicles on his Head

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Snow Pea is caring to Peashooter but Loves to prank him.Alot.They can get into Arguements.Snow Pea is 2 minutes 11 seconds older than Peashooter.


They are Close friends and hang out a lot.Like Peashooter,He tries to tell her about Wall-Nut's Crush on her but always fails.

Umbrella Leaf

The love intrest of Snow Pea.They dislike Marigold.They hangout when they can.And when they do,Snow Pea acts like a jerk to Peashooter Sometimes.


Snow Pea despises her Because She kidnapped him Because of Her EXTRA EXTREME crush on him.


They are friends.But Whenever Wall-Nut screws up around Sunflower ,He says "Not cool dude."

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