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Season 1

Episode                               Description
The Pilot of Awesome The first day of middle school! What could possibly go wrong?(something wrong happens.)
Sunflower Thinks She Can Dance Sunflower is embarrased when Peashooter sees she can't dance so Peashooter helps her.
Bullies Stand Tall Tall-Nut, A huge bully bullies Wall-nut Peashooter and Magnet-Shroom
Love is Gold and Maybe Silver Marigold Develops a crush on Snow Pea.Sunflower Requests Starfriut to stop Wall-Nut from getting to her.Peashooter tries to ask Blover out.
So Spice!(and other Caliente stories) Jalepeno stops exploding.Flaming Pea Does the PLS flame bucket challenge.Tealy eats 1,000,000 Ghost Chilliz.
Power Plant Problems Peashooter and Wall-Nut's game shuts down and they try to solve the problem
Nurse Curse! Peashooter believes the school nurse is EVIL.So He proves it
Tall-Nuts Revenge Camping at night Tall-Nut returns! And Peashooter, Wall-nut,Sunflower,Snow Pea,and Cabbage-Pult run!
Out Of Buisness Since the Smoothieburger shut down, Wall-Lock-Holmes is here to solve the case!
Hide-And-Seek-Or-Die Doom Sroom makes a bet that if Peashooter find him last in hide and seek he Will die
   Sleepover! Sunflower has a wild sleepover.
Teh Quest! Peashooter,Sunflower,and Snow Pea go on a treasure hunt to find a big  Emerald.
Mama-Nut Wall-Nut's Mom comes and completley embarasses him (Around Sunflower!)
Gold Great And Glorious v.s Nerd Magnet Man Magnet-Shroom is replaced by Gold Magnet
Earthsnake! Sunflower gets ambushed by huge worms
Love Is In The Snare Peashooter and Blover get caught in a trap for all eternity.Therefore showing the minor characters stories
Kid Krazy! The Health teacher assigns an egg test.Peashooter and Cactus hope Chomper dosen't eat their egg.
Hole Black,Part 1 Dr.Zomboss is Finally back and a great danger approaches.
Hole Black,Part 2 Peashooter Magnet-Shroom and Snow Pea Go in space to defeat Zomboss
Hole Black,Part 3

Dr.Zomboss Reveals the danger and plans to destroy the galaxy!!Will the gang stop him once and for all?

Season 2

Episode Desc.
Evil Rising! Dr.Zomboss teams up with all the Bad Guys.
Game Over Potato Mine dies in Speed Stik,So he Committs Suicide.
Spellunking Sugar Rush

Since Coffee Bean is ruining Snow Pea and Umbrella Leaf's day,They

enter a cave Snow Pea goes to.

P-Day A 25th Episode Special:Peashooter's Birthday comes up and Wall-Nut needs The PERFECT gift for him
Too Cool

Iceberg Lettuce moves next to Peashooter and become friends Again.Snow Pea falls in love with

Aloevera,Iceberg's younger sister,Which means WAR With Umbrella Leaf.

Incogbeeto Just to get Away from Blover,Peashooter disguises himself as a bee.But it has many Problems too.
Medeival Screwup Peashooter,Wall-Nut,Sunflower,And Chomper crash Sun Bean's "Addequit" Party
Taste For Sore Eyes Magnet-Shroom Genetically Grows Eyes For Chomper,But He thinks Him,Wall-Nut,and Peashooter are Fresh Meat!

Specials:These will only Release on the respective date.

Episode Desc.
Ledgends of The Lawn Halloween Special.Peashooter and Sunflower search for a Lake Monster.Chomper proves to be worthy when he attempts to defeat a new Zombie minion,Baron von Bats.And more!
Xmas and Etc. Christmas Special.Christmas is ruined and Peashooter and Garlic need Zombos's help!
The Sking Episode Winter Special.Sunflower needs help beating Morning Glory at a Ski Race.
Tanksgiving Thanksgiving Special.Peashooter and Snow Pea have a war for the first peice of Turkey.
April's Idiots April Fools Special.Snow Pea goes extreme on pranks.
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